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Finishes - Introduction


Precast concrete is a visually rich material that allows the architect to be innovative and obtain design objectives that cannot be achieved with other materials. The proper selection of color, form and texture is critical to the aesthetic appearance of architectural precast concrete components. The choice of appropriate aggregates and textures, combined with well-conceived production and erection details, can achieve a wide variety of design objectives.

Precast components also mesh well with other materials, including curtain wall, and they can provide any required penetrations. Special considerations will aid the installation of mechanical systems and vapor barriers, all of which can be accommodated easily.

Design flexibility is possible in both color and texture of precast concrete by varying aggregate and matrix color, size of aggregate, finish processes and depth of exposure. Combining color with texture accentuates the natural beauty of aggregates.

With the vast array of colors, textures and finishes available, designers can use precast concrete to achieve almost any desired effect.